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Favorite Products: Pregnancy

As one of my first Favorite Products post - it's very fitting that it's for products for my favorite topic - Pregnancy!

In my experience, women either love or loathe being pregnant and there isn't too much in between. I fall in the first category - I LOVE PREGNANCY. Yeah sure there are some uncomfortable, awkward, and annoying aspects of being pregnant but overall, I love it. It is so profoundly special to be growing a life within you, to feel your little one move, and to see your body change.

With Kayleigh I was pregnant from January-September and McKinley was June-March. Two entirely different pregnancies with their own seasonal challenges no doubt. Despite that, I was still able to use a lot of my "staple" items for both.

First Trimester Favorites

I have been fortunate both times that I only get incredibly nauseous and tired from roughly weeks 6-11. God Bless the women who have terrible morning sickness that makes them throw up, I don't know how you ladies do it! I'd be a miserable mama (and probably lead me to loathe pregnancy more than love it).

Even though I don't get physically sick, the nausea is NOT ideal. Things that helped me manage the nausea:

  • REAL Ginger Ale

  • Sea bands

  • Pregnancy tea

  • Water - do yourself a favor an invest in a large water bottle! I've been using Simple Modern for a while now

  • Regular coffee - for whatever reason, I've had the biggest aversion to espresso in my first trimesters. During that time, I drink one cup of regular coffee to help fight the exhaustion

Second Trimester Favorites

The best trimester! Almost to the day, once I'm officially in the second trimester I feel like a brand new woman! To me, the second trimester is the most comfortable and transformative. It's wild that in the beginning there is only a hint of a baby bump and by the end, BAM there's baby!

As I grew, I started requiring new clothes and a body pillow:

  • Maternity leggings

    • Fabletics - seriously THE MOST COMFORTABLE leggings! I have them in every color! True to size. They've also expended their maternity line since my pregnancy with McKinley. I'll definitely be checking it out for my next go round!

  • BLANQI - great legging with serious support and compression. The fabric isn't as soft as Fabletics but its super supportive and great for third trimester.

  • Maternity tanks

  • Bralettes

  • Dresses

  • Shirts

    • Target

    • Old Navy

  • Body pillow

*My first body pillow I bought when I was pregnant with Kayleigh and used again with McKinley but I honestly hated it the second time around. I didn't like the detachable part and would much prefer a full body one to support my back and belly fully.

Third Trimester Favorites

The name of the game for me in the third trimester is COMFORT.



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