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My Second Pregnancy

Spring of 2021 brought about not just spring flowers, but also baby fever. Luckily for us, we didn't have to wait long because on June 17, 2021 I found out I was pregnant! I had just started a new job that week and we were preparing to move into our house (finally).

Tim and I have always wanted a big family and to keep our kids close in age so I was really excited to be growing our family.

First Trimester:

I had very similar symptoms the second time around as the first. By the start of the 5th week, I was extremely nauseous and tired. I mostly worked from our bed/the couch, ate plain foods and went to bed early every night.

It was harder this time around because we had Kayleigh to take care of but I was so grateful Tim did most of the parenting, cooking, and cleaning so I could rest up.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary was on the tail end of the first trimester, early second and we took our first long weekend away together since Kayleigh was born. It was great to feel better and get some quality alone time with the hubby!

Second trimester:

Still my favorite trimester! I also loved being pregnant during the fall. Perfect weather for walks, leggings, and cozy sweaters. I started seeing my chiropractor weekly and exercising again.

We also made the decision to transfer care from a hospital based midwife group to a homebirth midwife! We had many discussions and prayed a lot before I interviewed anyone. On my very first call with my midwife for our consultation, I fell in love. Both with her as a person but the vision of homebirth she painted. I also hired my doula, who I clicked with instantly and she gave me so many ideas of things to start preparing myself.

I started reading lots of books, listening to podcasts, seriously anything birth prep related I could get my hands on, I was consuming.

Third Trimester:

There was something magical about being pregnant during the holiday season for me. Hearing the story of the Immaculate Conception and Birth of Jesus while being pregnant is just different, in the best way. Mary has been a big part of my married life and even more so during this second pregnancy.

Like my first pregnancy, the third trimester brought about its share of aches and pains. With the cold, snowy, and icy Michigan weather I cut back on my walks significantly which my hips really didn't appreciate. I got a standing desk which helped with that and went to the chiropractor twice a week.

Each week I took a "bumpie" in my bathroom and this was the last one with McKinley. Her due date was February 23, 2022, birth story coming soon!!



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