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Favorite Products: Earthley Wellness

Favorite Products Post - a new series I'll be starting!

Earthley Wellness is a brand I was introduced to during my pregnancy with McKinley. I had been searching for a company that provided alternatives to conventional medicines you'd find at the local drug stores. I love their story and quickly bought several products and I slowly have been buying nearly everything to stock my "medicine" cabinet.

Here's a list of all the products I've purchased and will continue to always keep on hand:

❣️ Feel Better Fast - awesome at supporting you during sickness

❣️ Cough Be Gone - loved this when we had the c virus again

❣️ Milk Flowing Salve - I use it any time I feel a clog coming on! It helps warm your breast and get the milk moving

❣️ Breast Balm - great whenever your boobies are needing love!🤱🏻

❣️ Whipped Body Butter - I have the Vanilla Bean! It’s a must have with the cold weather and severely cracked hands. I also used it as a belly lotion🤰🏻& I used their Belly Butter in my second and third trimesters with McKinley.

❣️ Good Night Lotion - magnesium lotion to help promote a good nights sleep

❣️ Lavender Clay Mask - love using this mask when I am having break outs

❣️ Black Salve Drawing Stick - helpful for bug bites!

I'll continue to make updates as I try more products from Earthley! I made a big order during holiday sales as I plan to swap out all my vitamins with supplements from them instead.



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